Mini Red, White & Blue Brownie Sundaes

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FuN little patriotic bites…red, white and blue adorn the top of my mini brownies along with tiny scoops of sheep’s milk ice cream from Haverton Hill Creamery.… Read More »


IceHop™ Mibach

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I love ice cream floats, but after a few sips they always seem to become too sweet.  I knew in my mind that this was going to be… Read More »


BBQ Baby Back Ribs

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I learned how to BBQ watching my Dad.  With pork ribs, it’s always low and slow.   Mine are cooked with layers of flavor.  Two very important rules:  #1-never… Read More »

Easter Morning Banana Wraps

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    I’ve put a new ‘twist’ on my Easter morning cinnamon rolls…the dough gets wrapped around a grilled banana, baked and then served with Caramel Sauce, Cream… Read More »

Johnny Walker’s Fantasy

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  Honestly, what’s Butterscotch pudding without the Scotch?!  This is my own creation of Butterscotch Pudding layered with Scotch infused Mousse and sprinkled with Smoked Almonds.  The Smoked… Read More »

Simple Celery Soup

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  If you love celery as much as I do, you are going to love this simple soup.  The recipe was born after my holiday ravioli making.  You… Read More »

Lamb Burger

Laurie’s Lamb Burgers with Secret Sauce

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No cheese required on this burger…the lamb speaks for itself!!!  Father and husband tested and approved. Heat gas grill to 500’. Divide meat into ½ lb. portions, forming… Read More »

Chicken & Mushroom Stew with Dumplings

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There are certain foods that you will never forget…one of mine is my Aunt Betty’s dumplings!!  Before I was a teenager, I remember going to the ‘Hunting Ranch’… Read More »


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Some time ago I was invited to a last-minute get-together…learning that the hostess was vegetarian, I threw together butternut squash enchiladas.  Just using what I had on had… Read More »

Poached Chicken

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  Adam’s chickens are rotationally raised, they are three weeks old when they are put out to pasture; a pasture that has been first grazed by his sheep… Read More »